Things To Do / Places to Go:

* Chilliwack Family YM-YWCA - We prefer the Hocking Avenue pool as it is shallower than the Cheam Centre pool which uses tables in the water to make a pseudo 'shallow-end' for the little kids. Other swimmers bump into the tables which shift and create gaps to avoid.

* Fir Crest Resort, Lac La Hache - I had to include this as we have been here twice in the last two years. Friendly, clean and, most importantly, a great place for small kids to really catch fish! A boat is best and Hot Shot lures a necessity. Trailer sites, campsites and cabin rentals.

* Greater Vancouver Zoo (or the Game Farm to some of us old-timers) - not a cheap trip so try to look for coupons. Tons of fun - make it a day and plan for a picnic. On-site train (costs extra) takes you around the site or you can stroll and see the jaguars, tigers, giraffes... oh, my! Take a camera, sunscreen and your imagination. Definitely an educational outing. Watch for events - we saw the Kratt Brothers (Animal Junction) there in June 2001. In the winter, the park opens up at night covered in lights - very pretty.

* Okay, it's lazy of me but why do the work when it's already done? Chilliwack has some sweet little parks to explore and for some strange reason the kids find it more fun to go to a park, drag along all their favourite games and play them there instead of in the backyard.

* Playland - we haven't taken the boys there yet but I know a big kid who's itching to go...

* Still at a loss? Browse through Ticketmaster to see if there is something you like.


Kid Sites:

* Atlantis - I know, as if Disney needs help from me to promote one of their movies. This link takes you straight to the interactive portion of the site.

* Kids Domain - a cool place for kids. Some great ideas for parents for kid-crafts, too.

* Larry-Boy!!!! - I've got a thing for suction-cup ears.... if you have to ask, you better go to VeggieTales, too.... 'cause I have no issues about talking to tomatoes... and squash makes me smile... hey, where can I get a plate with Art Buggati on it?


Canadian Contests / Free Shtuff (my latest craze is CONTESTS!):

* Photo Contest - Enter your best travel photo for a chance to win a $500 Carlson Wagonlit gift certificate. But first, cast a vote.... (the Rarotonga pic is a personal favorite of mine......) ;-) ends Dec 31/2001

* Much Music BackTrax - Weekly music trivia contest for all you radioheads out there.


Parent Sites:

* Club Med - hands up, baby, hands up, give me your heart, give me give me your heart give me give me... all your love, all your love, all your love, all your lu-u-uv... doo-doo, do-do

* Homeschool? I've entertained the thought of it myself, but I'm cherishing the thought of some 'free time' for mom during some of my days off...

* Today's Parent - my favorite parenting magazine (it's Canadian)

* Say Cheese! Our (cheap) photo studio of choice - they do a good job and look - coupons, too!

* Westcoast Families, part of the National Family Network - great Canadian source for ideas and info.



* British Columbia Transplant Society - if you think a sticker on your driver's licence means you're an organ donor, think again. Are you signed up?

* Dr. Weil - like your vitamins? Dr. Weil may be able to provide you with more information.

* Are you curious about your Prescription Medication? An online Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialities (aka a really great source of information).

* Are you as young as you feel?


Grab Bag:

* Air Miles - one day we're going somewhere.... free! Until then, we'll keep collecting.... actually, reality has set in and we splurged and used some of our miles for a video camcorder.

* The Matrix - "Hunh?" you say? I am sorry, it is just too cool to not include. Besides, who said this is all about the kids?


Really Odds 'n Ends: (don't ask me how I find 'em but this section will change very frequently)

* Stars Wars Bloopers Guide - and you thought I had too much time on my hands!

* Watch the world - as if you need help keeping up on current events....

* ...for the other side... - breaking Eastern news

* Southern Cross Flyfishing, New Zealand - *writing feverishly on my 'Someday' list