Rants 'n Raves

for the weeks (amd months) of September 9, 2000 - March 4, 2001

"Two is a handful, three is a circus."

I'm awfully sheepish about taking soooooo long to update this so I'll make it extra, extra long to make up for it (*teasing!*)......

Goodness, where to begin? Well, to start off I did go back to work - same bat-place, same bat-channel but absolutely fantabulous bat-hours. In early October I went 'permanent part-time' and work a delightful three days a week (Tues-Wed-Thurs). I still don't know whether I am coming or going half the time but I think it's much less stressful. Thanks to those who have emailed me - this little site actually attracted some friendly 'strangers', I don't have much time to email so consider this my effort to reply!

Logan, Logan. What a big boy he is now! Weighing in at a hearty 56 pounds and ready to take on the world, just don't hurt his feelings because he can be reduced to a puddle in no time at all. Anxious to please, he is still wonderful at helping out and following instruction. School has really helped his pronunciation (though we are on a waiting list to be assessed as he is still unable to make some sounds) and I teared up at Christmas time when he was one of two children to deliver a line in the winter play at preschool. "Come on, everyone, let's play outside!" He sang (loudly, if not accurately) every song and perfomed all the accompanying hand actions, as well as reciting (as a group) a poem. (Gee, that's no wonderbra, that's my chest filled with pride!) For Logan, it was no big deal - he's more proud of his 'swimming' and 'skating'.

Duncan is such the little boy now! I keep forgetting how 'big' he is as in my mind he is still baby-ish but, at times, he reasons and questions more than Logan. Dunc is artistic and tempermental, always creating things and making up stories. He is extremely sweet and snuggly, but tick him off and he'll scream and yell and stomp and harrumph at you. I adore him! :-) You have to get right in his face to explain things to him or give him directions for if he is not looking at you when you speak to him, chances are he's not listening, he's off in his own little DuncanWorld. He can be quite fearless - he was the first to start skating without the scooter bar (all the while Logan has a deathgrip on his bar, yelling at Duncan to grab it, not wanting to be the one who wasn't the first to skate without it) and he will leap from far-too-high places and then look back and seem so surprised that he was so high.... I absolutely cannot 'make' Duncan do anything, I have to cajole, trick, intimidate, beg, holler, tickle, joke, bribe him into doing most every little thing:

"Duncan, put on your shoes. When you get your shoes on we can go to the park."

"I can't do it. You do it. These shoes?"

"Yes, those shoes, put them on, now! We need to go. You can play after you put on your shoes."

"These shoes?" (holding up Evan's shoes)

"No, not those shoes, you just had them. Put them on! I know you can do this, buddy, please get your shoes on. Hurry up!"

"These shoes? Is this the right way?" (positioning them)

"Yep, that's the way, now put them on your feet."

(switching them around) "Is this the right way?"

"DUNCAN! NOW! Yes, that's that's the right way (I now no longer care), let's go, buddy!"

"These shoes?" (holding up a boot and a slipper)

Right about now I'm running to the calendar to see when I'm back at work.

Evan, oh boy, Evan has grown! At last count he has 5 teeth, no dimples but lots of sparkle and personality. Now if he just slept through the night he would be perfect, oh that and eat in his high chair sitting down. He's developed this annoying habit of standing up in the high chair, and as this chair has been through the other two kids, it's a tad on the creaky side so he turns around, sits on the tray, grabs the back of the seat and rocks. 'ER-EECH, ER-EECH, ER-EECH, ER-EECH' He's really quite rhythmic but it makes for long feeding times. March has been a notable month for him as he's started walking and had his first haircut. No more shaggy mop! He does, finally, kind of take a bottle but is still nursing 'cause, you know, Mommy rocks! He shows no signs of tiring of the boob, either, but the pediatrician did say to nurse him as long as possible to help with his eczema. He also said to get rid of the cats, which I did, after much hmmmn' and huhnnn' I gave them away to a nice home. Within two weeks, Evan's cheeks had cleared up and he seems to be slowly outgrowing the eczema. We try to slather some cream on him daily but he is such a wiggly, ticklish guy - we usually end up just tickling him to hear his belly laugh. Banana and yogurt are still his favourite foods.

Evan sure has Dave wrapped 'round his wee finger. They adore each other. Dave